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Sun and Raven Totem Pole
Sun and Raven Totem Pole

Sun Raven Totem Pole

This 10ft. replica of the Sun and Raven Totem Pole was commissioned by a Native art collector while visiting the Ketchikan area during the summer of 1995.

The totem pole was carved in 1996, out of Western red cedar and stands in Garrison, New York.

The original Sun and Raven Totem Pole was carved in the fall of 1902 and placed in the cemetery on the north point of Pennock Island facing Ketchikan. It was carved by a famous Tlingit carver, Kaahctan, more widely known as Nawiski, for a woman of the Starfish House of the Raven phratry, as a memorial to her two sons. It was repaired and raised in it's present location April 11, 1939, as the first pole in Saxman Totem Park.

An older pole belonging to the same house was dedicated at Tongass Village Island before the tribe moved to Ketchikan. It is now located at the Totem Heritage Center in Ketchikan, Alaska. The one carved for Pennock Island was intended as a copy of the Tongass memorial, but the carver had a shorter pole to start with and had room only for the face of Fog Woman. Her whole figure appears on the older carving.

This totem pole depicts three of Raven's adventures: his escape from the flood during which time he was guest of the Sun and played with Sun's three children shown here. The Sun halo around Raven's head is intended to recall the incident. Raven's affair with Fog Woman recalled in the center of the pole is best told on the Chief Johnson's pole.

Once Raven expressed a wish to explore the bottom of the sea, Frog volunteered to accompany him as a servant. The two are shown together in the lower panel.

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