Israel's Carving Studio

Over the past 25 yrs. Israel has had the opportunity to travel to different communities throughout S.E. Alaska to carve on tribal totems and canoes, today, Israel carves the majority of his artworks at his home/studio located on Vashon Island,a 15 minute ferry ride to W. Seattle, however when the opportunity arises and when the art commission dictates that the carving be accomplished on location, Israel and often his family too will temporarily move to the location where the project is planned.

Shotridge Studios on Vashon Island

Israel is painting on the Eagle/ Bear House Screen
commissioned by the Puget Sound Blood Center, Seattle WA,2003

On location in Ketchikan, Alaska

Israel is carving on the 40' KIC Totem Pole,
commissioned by the Ketchikan Indian Community.
This totem project took place at the Totem
Heritage Center during the Summer 2004.

Detail carving on the KIC Totem Pole

Israel is relief carving on the bentwood box figure
on the 40' Kic Totem Pole.

Adzing on the KIC Totem Pole

During the Summer of 2004, Israel spent 6 days a week, 10 hrs a day carving on the 40' KIC Totem Pole, through one of the hottest
seasons on record with temperatures ranging up past 100 degrees!

Chiseling on the KIC Totem Pole

Here Israel is chiseling out the details on the
Spokesperson figure, while many visitors stood watching,
day after day, week after week, month after month !